Crunchy cheddar?

Well, I did find and buy some Wyke Farms Crunchy from Waitrose earlier (currently available on offer, 2x250g for £5) and I’m feeling a little ambivalent.

Click here for both sides of the argument.


Wyke Farms & Crystals

Whilst looking at the Wyke Farms website for the previous post, I came across this beauty: Wyke Farms Crunchy Extra Mature Cheddar.

A vintage cheese with extra calcium lactate crystals certainly sounds scrummy.

The extra edge found in the texture of Wyke Farms’ own Simply Gorgeous Vintage is appreciably apparent so I’m looking forward to seeing if this iteration is even better. My mission tomorrow is to check out some Waitrose stores. They reportedly stocked Crunchy in late March and it’s still available on their website so I’m hoping to find some in person!