Verwood Farmers’ Market

Once again referring to this past weekend, I took a trip to Verwood to check out the Best in Dorset & Forest Farmers’ Market. I bought a few items, not least of which were, predictably, a couple of cheesy purchases.

Dorset Blue Vinney
Producer: The Farmers’ Market Cheese Partners

This was a choice made somewhat out of curiosity as it had been some time since I had tasted a blue cheese. The samples available at the market were full of flavour and I, without worry, anticipated returning home and chowing down. Unfortunately though the domestic experience was not all that great.

The slightly salty, complex flavours immediately hit the back of the throat and stay there. In small doses this taste is great but even a single slice soon starts to grate, bordering on being sickly. So perhaps then this is a cheese whose flavours are best used in other dishes. Perhaps a small sprinkle on ‘normal’ cheese on toast? Whatever I end up trying I’ll keep you all informed.

Cheese Homity Pie
Producer: Bridport Gourmet Pies

Although not the first one I visited, the pie stall was prominently located at the head of the market area. There was the obligatory steak pie but, although tempted by the safe option, the one that caught my eye was one covered in melted cheese. The ‘pie man’ told me what I had alread read on the package: that the pie I was purchasing was mostly cheese, onions, potatoes and garlic.

After a decent heating in the oven the homity tasted good if unspectacular. The cheddar cheese topping of the tart-like open pie was definitely the tastiest part, as the rest of the dish had interesting textures but little flavour. Didn’t Mr. Pie promise me the presence of garlic? It was an interesting dish though, one that I’d consume again but wouldn’t choose to splash the cash in order to do so.

However there are such things as blue vinney homity and blue vinney and steak pie, so perhaps I’ll be mixing these two experiences in the not too distant future.