The Cheese Corral #2: Battle of the British Bries

After discovering a grilled brie recipe last week (already mentioned a couple of times), I decided to use it to compare a couple of different bries in the awkward arena known as The Cheese Corral.

For installment two, it will thus be a straight contest between two Cornish Country Larder cheeses:

Cornish Organic Brie vs St. Endellion.



Copied from the Continent: Cornish Brie

So, brie, one of France’s most famous cheeses is also made elsewhere. I’ve yet to have the French certified Brie de Meaux and Brie de Melun but I have sampled some of the same style of cheese made here in England.

Oh where, oh where, can my brie(-by) be?

Nut Toffee Glazed St. Endellion from Cornish Country Larder

After discovering the initial idea for glazed grilled brie on Wednesday, I’ve now found the ‘official’ recipe from the makers of St. Endellion, Cornish Country Larder (CCL).

Luxurious Nut Toffee Glazed St. Endellion Dessert

My mission this weekend is to scour the supermarkets and try to find some of this double cream cheese.

Be sure to check out CCL’s other products and recipes too. I’ve already added the goats’ cheeses Gevrik and Village Green to my shopping list.