The Cheese Corral #2: Battle of the British Bries

After discovering a grilled brie recipe last week (already mentioned a couple of times), I decided to use it to compare a couple of different bries in the awkward arena known as The Cheese Corral.

For installment two, it will thus be a straight contest between two Cornish Country Larder cheeses:

Cornish Organic Brie vs St. Endellion.



The Cheese Corral #1: Triple Taste Test

Welcome back everyone to another inauguration of an ongoing procession of experiments. However, rather than find different uses for a single item as with my previous post, the objective for this series will be to test a selection of different cheeses for any given situation. So, with that said, it’s time to corral the cheeses and start the tasting!

What will win the European Cheese Championships 2012?