Vinney Eggy Pasta

This is an old, reliable family recipe that has been given a new twist by using the recently bought Dorset Blue Vinney.

The base ingredients are:
Small Pasta
Chicken or Vegetable Stock

This is extremely simple to make.
The pasta is boiled in the stock with the eggs (1-2 per person) cracked straight into the pan towards the end and cooked for only a few minutes so as to thicken the soup. During this time your favourite cheese can also be added.  Mozzarella is good for producing a stringy dish (lots of fun!) and parmigiano reggiano is great for flavour.

I found though that using the blue cheese both adds aroma to and contributes colour to a meal that can sometimes appear to be a little bland.  The exceedingly intense flavour of the cheese is also mellowed by the soup but it still increases the overall depth of the taste experience.


I’ll certainly be looking forward to eating this again and I am now more optimistic about using the remaining vinney in my fridge in other exciting ways.