Crunchy cheddar?

Well, I did find and buy some Wyke Farms Crunchy from Waitrose earlier (currently available on offer, 2x250g for £5) and I’m feeling a little ambivalent.

The extra crunchiness is definitely apparent (although crispness might be more apt) but not to an overwhelming degree. It’s presence isn’t so great that I believe the new name is warranted. Indeed, some bites taste no different to other mature cheddars.

So although Wikipedia may say that calcium lactate is beneficial to teeth, I somehow doubt there are enough extra crystals here to make a difference!

Disappointing levels of crunchiness and dubious oral benefits aside, this cheese does offer a pleasingly mature flavour backed by a hefty kick. As a branded cheddar it’s as good as any but doesn’t fulfill the promise of its unique selling point. I’m hoping this opinion changes with further tasting and will let everyone know if it does.


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