July Asda Trip

Earlier today I was in Asda and decided to sample something from their special selection that I highlighted last month.  There were three small and similarly packaged cheeses that caught my eye, so of course I bought all three.


These will be properly compared in the upcoming third edition of the Corral but for now I’ll provide the full descriptions to whet your appetite.

Farmhouse Red Leicester with Black Smoked Peppersmooth and smokey

{A simple description but it still sounds appetizing.}

Margherita Cheddarwith sweet cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of oregano

{I can imagine the oregano being tasteless and only included as an excuse for the gimmicky name.}

Wensleydale with Cranberry & White Chocolatemild and creamy with cranberries and white chocolate

{When it sounds this decadent, it doesn’t matter if the description is a copy of the name.}

But these weren’t the only cheese products I purchased!  There were also two types of burgers combined with different cheeses.


Succulent British Beef Blended with Rich Wyke Farm Cheddar and a Sprinkle of Chives

Succulent Aberdeen Angus Beef With Tangy d’Ambert Cheese, Toasted Onions and Balsamic Vinegar, Finished with Cracked Black Pepper

Will the cheese flavours be noticeable amongst all of the umami-ness and fat?  I’ll be sure to let you know when I find out.

Vinney Eggy Pasta

This is an old, reliable family recipe that has been given a new twist by using the recently bought Dorset Blue Vinney.

The base ingredients are:
Small Pasta
Chicken or Vegetable Stock

This is extremely simple to make.
The pasta is boiled in the stock with the eggs (1-2 per person) cracked straight into the pan towards the end and cooked for only a few minutes so as to thicken the soup. During this time your favourite cheese can also be added.  Mozzarella is good for producing a stringy dish (lots of fun!) and parmigiano reggiano is great for flavour.

I found though that using the blue cheese both adds aroma to and contributes colour to a meal that can sometimes appear to be a little bland.  The exceedingly intense flavour of the cheese is also mellowed by the soup but it still increases the overall depth of the taste experience.


I’ll certainly be looking forward to eating this again and I am now more optimistic about using the remaining vinney in my fridge in other exciting ways.

Verwood Farmers’ Market

Once again referring to this past weekend, I took a trip to Verwood to check out the Best in Dorset & Forest Farmers’ Market. I bought a few items, not least of which were, predictably, a couple of cheesy purchases.

Dorset Blue Vinney
Producer: The Farmers’ Market Cheese Partners

This was a choice made somewhat out of curiosity as it had been some time since I had tasted a blue cheese. The samples available at the market were full of flavour and I, without worry, anticipated returning home and chowing down. Unfortunately though the domestic experience was not all that great.

The slightly salty, complex flavours immediately hit the back of the throat and stay there. In small doses this taste is great but even a single slice soon starts to grate, bordering on being sickly. So perhaps then this is a cheese whose flavours are best used in other dishes. Perhaps a small sprinkle on ‘normal’ cheese on toast? Whatever I end up trying I’ll keep you all informed.

Cheese Homity Pie
Producer: Bridport Gourmet Pies

Although not the first one I visited, the pie stall was prominently located at the head of the market area. There was the obligatory steak pie but, although tempted by the safe option, the one that caught my eye was one covered in melted cheese. The ‘pie man’ told me what I had alread read on the package: that the pie I was purchasing was mostly cheese, onions, potatoes and garlic.

After a decent heating in the oven the homity tasted good if unspectacular. The cheddar cheese topping of the tart-like open pie was definitely the tastiest part, as the rest of the dish had interesting textures but little flavour. Didn’t Mr. Pie promise me the presence of garlic? It was an interesting dish though, one that I’d consume again but wouldn’t choose to splash the cash in order to do so.

However there are such things as blue vinney homity and blue vinney and steak pie, so perhaps I’ll be mixing these two experiences in the not too distant future.

Grilled Brie Baby!

Well, it’s official, I adore grilled brie.  Yesterday I didn’t bother with any complex recipe but kept it simple.  The last of my St. Endellion was grilled until it had just begun to melt and I then covered it with some golden syrup.  Result: delicious!


The Great Cheese Betrayal

An awesome American anecdote about cheese along with some delightful recipes.

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Show of hands—who loves cheese? If you didn’t raise your hand, you should probably quit reading, because the three recipes I am offering today do nothing, if not provide in-your-face cheesiness. How could you not love cheese? Your loyalties are now in question….

If you did raise your hand, you are my friend, and I love you.

When I was kid, however, I only ate two kinds of cheese. American, and that powdered fake Parmesan stuff that was referred to in my house as Stinky Cheese. It went best on Spaghettios.

Once when I was four, I opened my blue Mickey Mouse in Space lunchbox to find, to my horror, a swiss cheese sandwich. Despite the fact that my name was on this blue Mickey Mouse in Space lunchbox, I knew instantly that my lunch had been stolen. There was no way on God’s green earth that my sweet mother would have…

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Nut Toffee Glazed St. Endellion from Cornish Country Larder

After discovering the initial idea for glazed grilled brie on Wednesday, I’ve now found the ‘official’ recipe from the makers of St. Endellion, Cornish Country Larder (CCL).

Luxurious Nut Toffee Glazed St. Endellion Dessert

My mission this weekend is to scour the supermarkets and try to find some of this double cream cheese.

Be sure to check out CCL’s other products and recipes too. I’ve already added the goats’ cheeses Gevrik and Village Green to my shopping list.