The Parmesan Song

Before I officially store away parmigiano-reggiano with a post later this week, I’ve already added it to the Storage page.  The link there will take you to a great article about parmesan, the highlight of which is this amazing video that I also want to showcase here.

An advert for cheese has no right to make me this happy.  Seriously, if there’s a DJ anywhere in the world that plays this I want to know.


3 comments on “The Parmesan Song

  1. natalia says:

    hi chris- im natalie patsys friend, the chicken one of the chicken kind…….backeeerrrrrrrkkkkk!!!!! liking the cheese website- i love cheeeeeeese!! Patsy wants me to eat all the cheese in the world, it would make me a very happy chicken. But chickens dont eat cheese do they? Well my friend, they do now!!!!!

  2. natalia says:

    this bloody song is to catchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love it, please can you put the words up so we can all sing along, parmigion er er re rei pa pa pa pa pa magano er er !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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