The Cranes Love Cheese

While watching Frasier this morning I discovered a typically great brotherly exchange from High Holidays, the eleventh episode of the final season.

Frasier: Yes.  She’s the one I told you about.  The girl with the accent.
Niles: Oh, yes.
Frasier: God, she could read me the phone book, and I would melt like an overripe Camembert.  Imagine what she would do with that – [imitating her] Camembert.
Niles: R-R-R-Roquefort.
Frasier: Reblochon.
Niles: Bleu.
Frasier: We’re terrible!

They share a boys’ naughty chuckle.

Of course, it’s a lot more effective with pompous French accents but you get the idea. You should definitely watch it, especially as the entire episode is pretty strong.

[Credit goes to Cats n’ Guitars for the transcript.]


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