Old Faithful: Cheddar

Of course, cheddar had to be the first cheese to be stored away in The Cellar.

It’s one of the most common varieties around and for good reasons.  It is

1. available in a wide range of strengths;
2. hard enough to use as a sandwich filling, to grate and to eat as a snack;
3. soft enough to easily melt in various dishes, from toasted sandwiches to soups;
4. unintimidating but not without a sense of character.

That last point is important.
Compared to most alternatives, cheddar could easily be described as the most boring choice, with its general uniformity in appearance and sensation. But even this cheese, without much excitement, still provides great texture and taste in all guises. It is therefore the perfect patriarch for its many more colourful cousins.

Just remember that next time you make cheese on toast.

Oh, and the cheddar that’s in my fridge at the moment?  Wyke Farms Extra Mature.  The Mature, Extra Mature and Vintage variations all have pleasing flavours with the latter ones offering a good punch to the tastebuds. I nearly always have one of these at home as this brand is regularly available on offer at all good supermarkets.

Wyke Farms


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